When I was 13, I wanted to be a secretary.

Duration: 10 minutes

“When I was 13, I wanted to be a secretary. I had a really tiny handbag and wanted to wear pencil skirts. My mum and dad said that it was really embarrassing because they were both artists and how could they possibly have brought up a child who wanted to sit, answering phones, typing appointments into computer systems and drinking coffee at a desk. I think that’s probably why I wanted to be a secretary because it was almost the complete opposite of anything my mum and dad had ever dreamed I would be. It was so ordinary. I just wanted to be ordinary. Boring. Normal. The same as everyone else. Please mum and dad, I don’t want to look at art anymore, I don’t want another pair of Dr Martens; I just want to wear the patent leather Clarks school shoes, with the chunky heel. I don’t want a nice duffle coat, I just want a pink puffa jacket”