Welsh artist based in Rotterdam,NL


The role of emotional labour in the global economy and in the characters we each play, often unknowingly, interests me. I increasingly develop characters, taking lead from the people I meet and interact with, and allowing their approaches and words to become my own as I explore my possible alternative lives.

My work is grounded in the performative, I am interested in the roles women perform, thinking on themes of aspiration and the constraints of social class. Highlighting and emphasising the ordinary through subversion, and a subtle warping of the everyday. I explore themes of daily life through memory and dialogues, often thinking on the impact of stereotypes, reframing and analysing.
The importance of textiles, craft, of fabrics and of costume within performances is key to my practice. I use the costumes, in addition to texts or monologues, to subvert the audience, in turn causing them to question and open up a dialogue to the issues and content raised.

Iā€™m interested in creating a sense of equality between the artist and the audience as performers, trusting the inclusion of the audience and being generous with their roles within the artwork itself. I often work site-specifically, and allow historical, social and political contexts to bleed into my work in this sense through presentation. Works may manifest themselves into live works, publications, video, text, objects or a combination of all these things.