Bathe tired eyes with salted water

Extract from Performance developed during Hospitalfield Graduate Residency 2016

An equal part of water and vinegar will remove sea-water stains on leather shoes. On other fabrics, sponging with one part water, two parts vinegar should do the trick.

To sunbathe without burning fill a small bottle with refined, odourless olive oil and add a few drops of iodine. Shake well. When used on skin while sunbathing, it will give you a lovely golden tan.

If a fish bone is stuck in the throat, swallow large pieces of bread. If you have cotton wool handy, swallow this first, then the bread.

Wash your dusty collection of big sea shells in the dishwasher (full cycle); they will come out clean as china.

To remove salt from windows by the sea-side, use a nylon scouring pad dipped in vinegar.

When a plastic lilo is leaking, it is not always easy to see where the hole is, even when dipped in water. Try this: When the lilo is dry, fill it with water- Straight away water will leak out of the hole and you will be able to patch it when dry.

Bathe tired eyes with salted water.